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We are doing 43 things... [entries|friends|calendar]
43 Things

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Hello-o-o-o-o. [01 Mar 2009|08:16pm]

Anyone still watching this community?

I've become a big fan of 43Things lately... joined almost a year ago and have been keeping up with most of the goals.

You can find me at houseofleaves. I have a lot of art goals, photo goals, book goals, food goals, the usual. I tend to post a lot of paintings, drawings and photographs, with book and movie reviews thrown in.

Would love to make new friends there who are also active here... feel free to introduce yourself.
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Hello 43 Things-ers [07 Mar 2008|09:20pm]

I just joined today. This is me: http://www.43things.com/person/beautiflaw

I've done over 500 things. I love 43 Things. I update on at least one goal just about every day. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me reach my goals. From dieting goals, to work goals, going to college, having more self confidence. I can say that I am a different person because of the support I have gotten from the 43 Things community and also from writing every day about each topic and goal. I have learned a lot about myself, and also about other people. I get to see a lot of different viewpoints that I normally wouldn't know anything about.
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[09 Jan 2008|04:47pm]

hullo all! i just joined this community.... it's so rad seeing two of my favourite sites come together! my 43 things page can be found here. since one of my goals is a year-long project (and because i have A LOT of down time at work), i'm on the site fairly often. i'm pretty sure it's one of the few positive places on the internet.

hope all's well with everyone. take care. <3
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[30 Dec 2007|06:57pm]

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[10 Nov 2007|11:38pm]

 I'm lob on 43T. Who else is here?
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i have 43 things on my list [10 Apr 2006|10:53pm]

and i've completed 67!
i have a few 'unrealistic' ones
like frack a cylon and travel through the stargate

and other more realistic...
1. frack a cylon 10 people
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2. wake up when my alarm clock goes off 2522 people
1 cheer add an entry
3. exercise daily 453 people
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4. see a concert 16 people
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5. meet online friends 3 people
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6. Get a tattoo 4276 people
1 cheer add an entry
7. finish my fics 3 people
1 entry add an entry
8. get a job 2339 people
1 cheer add an entry
9. i want to fall in love with someone who loves me as much as i love them! 324 people
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10. watch every episode of the West Wing 10 people
2 entries add an entry
11. live in England 91 people
2 cheers add an entry
12. own a complete stargate and atlantis collection 3 people
2 entries add an entry
13. meet more fangirls or fanboys nearby 2 people
1 entry 1 cheer add an entry
14. sell all the stuff i don't use 2 people
1 entry add an entry
15. get harry potter clothes 1 person
1 entry 1 cheer add an entry
16. read everything jane austen wrote 1 person
2 cheers add an entry
17. own my entire Hot Topic Wish List 4 people
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18. get everything on my Amazon wishlist 14 people
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19. go to the gym regularly 360 people
1 cheer add an entry
20. get a boyfriend 670 people
1 entry add an entry
21. have a one night stand 66 people
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22. learn to drive 1556 people
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23. travel through the stargate 4 people
2 cheers add an entry
24. whiten my teeth 463 people
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25. Read all the books in my "must read" pile 576 people
1 cheer add an entry
26. make poverty history 94 people
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27. hike to the top of the villarica vulcano 1 person
1 entry add an entry
28. drink starbucks coffee 5 people
1 entry add an entry
29. get a 43 Things T-shirt 2 people
1 entry 1 cheer add an entry
30. Complete a Sudoku book 6 people
1 entry 1 cheer add an entry
31. make a 43things banner 1 person
1 entry add an entry
32. Buy a Make Poverty History wrist band 2 people
1 entry add an entry
33. receive a letter from Hogwarts apologizing for the late owl but informing me that i am actually a witch. 8 people
1 cheer add an entry
34. own a pair of converse chuck taylors 1 person
1 entry add an entry
35. learn to setup RSS feeds 5 people
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36. throw someone out an airlock 1 person
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37. kiss in the pouring rain 38 people
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38. Save a horse, ride a Cowboy 5 people
1 entry add an entry
39. stop biting my fingernails 213 people
1 entry add an entry
40. learn martial arts and self defense 3 people
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41. master photoshop 89 people
1 entry add an entry
42. pass my classes 18 people
1 entry add an entry
43. kiss someone worth kissing 18 people
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Buy a tent and go Camping [02 Mar 2006|02:28am]


Absolutely worth it! Get out there… I mean, REALLY out there, where there are no lights but the stars and no sounds but the coyotes singing you to sleep. Build a fire. Watch the stars. Repeat as needed.

See more progress on: buy a tent and go camping
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43 Things [01 Mar 2006|09:16pm]


prairiekittin wants to do 14 things

1. touch Ayer's Rock before I die

I can't explain this. It's just something I really want to do.

2. Learn to use an Airbrush

Update: I'm going to a 2 day workshop put on by Raphael Schnepf March 25 & 26.

3. get another Harley

Now that I have the ice cream truck, if I get a 45 Harley trike and put a hot dog warmer on the back, it'll be a business expense! (Methodical madness is not usually my forte, but sometimes there is a certain method to my madness)

4. Go to Sturgis

If you trailer your bike there behind your trike, are you still a RUB? :-)

5. own a new age pagan shop

Eventually, I'll have another shop.

6. learn scuba diving

Now that I know how to swim, this is the next goal!

7. see the northern lights

I almost saw them one night, but my "friend" didn't wake me up!

8. win the lottery

Well, yeah! Me and 200 million other people

9. get a job

Update: I'm going to be the ice cream lady!!

10. ride in a helicopter


11. go scuba diving in the Great Barrier reef

See goal number 6. Maybe when I make enough money, I can pay for a vacation to the Reef and bring my teacher with me! LOL

12. join the Mile High Club

Uh huh. 'Nuff said.

13. lose weight

This is frustrating! I'm working on it.

14. design a tarot deck

I started to design my deck, got most of the minor arcana done... then my computer crashed and I lost the photo program that I was creating it with. I can't remember the name of the program. (It was put on my computer by a friend for my birthday). I'm still looking, but I'm sure it's so out of date by now I have no hope of finding it again.

prairiekittin has done 13 things

Actually, I've done a lot more than 13 things, but I thought it was a cool number to stop at.

* Get a gmail account 839 people Worth doing!

* Give blood 710 people Worth doing!

* Get my nipples pierced. 84 people Worth doing!

* Get a tattoo 3736 people Worth doing!

* learn to swim 621 people Worth doing!

* Ride a Harley 17 people Worth doing!

* have a past i look forward to telling my children about, also with i few things they shouldn't know about 2 people Worth doing!

* Have a baby to hold and play with but give back whenever it cries or I have things to do 1 person Worth doing!

* get into a fist fight and lose 1 person Not worth it

* get into a fist fight and win 2 people Not worth it

* Ride a freight train 3 people Worth doing!

* Hitchhike across America 4 people Not worth it

* get my motorcycle license 73 people Worth doing!


prairiekittin wants to visit 3 places

1. Ayers Rock 3 people
(in Australia > Northern Territory > Uluru)
1 cheer

2. New Zealand 4350 people
(in Australia/Oceania)
1 cheer

3. Sturgis 15 people
(in United States > South Dakota)
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